Do you recall those running races when a volunteer helped you through a tough patch, filled your water bottle, or cheered you along your journey? Well, you can do the same for someone else and dang, it can sure feel good!

Spend time in our great outdoors.

Help others accomplish a goal.

Surrounded and interacting with a group of amazing people.

Have a heck of a lot of fun.

Isle du Bois: North Pole Aid Station

Our amazing volunteers dominate both function and fashion!

Volunteering at an Endurance Buzz Adventures event includes all these and countless more benefits. Volunteers are the top-shelf members of the Endurance Buzz Adventures tribe and we are extremely grateful for your involvement.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities that may include packet-pickup, aid-stations support, timing, and event set-up and tear-down. Also, if you are a medical professional you can get involved with first-aid support.

Whether new or experienced, there are ways to get involved and make a positive impact.

More benefits included with your involvement:

  • Free park entry (if park fees exist)
  • Tummy happiness – Lunch to keep your internal motor hummin’.
  • Discounts on future EBA adventures!
    • Help 2-3 hours =  one 25% discount on any future EBA scamper for you, family member, or friend
    • Help 4-5 hours = one 50% discount on any future EBA scamper for you, family member, or friend
    • Help 8-9+ hours = one FREE-entry discount on any future EBA scamper for you, family member, or friend
    • If you aren’t interested in the race discount, you can receive a dandy event shirt if you notify me before the shirt cut-off date (4 weeks before race day) with your shirt gender and size.
  • Hugs or fist bumps – A huge thank you from me!

If you would like to get involved with the Endurance Buzz Adventures Volunteer tribe, simply use the Contact Page and type ‘Volunteer’ in the Subject box then mention your event interest and trail/ultra running experience if any, for both running and volunteering.

Thank you!

David Hanenburg and the Endurance Buzz Adventures Family