2014 Cedar Ridge Trail Run Race Document – Check it out!


Hey Cedar Ridge Tribe,

The race doc is ready! Check it out here.

Safe travels and see you soon!

Happy Running!


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Upcoming EBA Adventures with Distances and Dirty Fun for Everyone


Together – Scamper on adventure-filled north Texas trails, Laugh, Support, Break bread, Take home a shoe box full of memories.

Upcoming EBA tribe Adventures:
Cedar Ridge (July 26) – 50 entries left
dirty details: http://tinyurl.com/n7b9ajh
Rough Creek (Sept 20)
dirty details: http://tinyurl.com/calasjd

Happy Running!


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Cedar Ridge Recon-Run-O-Fun July 5 2014


For those looking for a little recon training before the Cedar Ridge scamper or if you are simply looking for some dirty trail fun, come on out.

For those interested in the guided course tour (~5.5 miles), we will embark on a slow run/walk adventure at 7:00am.

I will have cold water to fill you bottle or pack, and a few snacks on the picnic table behind the white preserve buildings.


Cedar Ridge Preserve info: http://www.audubondallas.org/cedarridge.html

Sign-up here!

Happy Running!




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Rough Creek Trail Run News: New 10 km Adventure


5 hours of driving. 45 minutes of pushing a measuring wheel up and down the Rusty Crown. We got ourselves a 10 km scamper as part of this year’s Rough Creek adventure!

Get a taste of The Crown. Enjoy the rugged beauty of the area as you spend a day playing with the tribe.

The trail buffet table now includes a 10 km, half marathon, marathon, and 40 mile adventure!

Race info: http://endurancebuzzadventures.com/events/rough-creek/

Register for this memory making north Texas adventure.

Happy Running!



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2014 Whispering Pines Results and Dandy Pics

What a weekend of pine scented singletrack greatness at Whispering Pines!


A group of all-star volunteers that over-delivered from before sunrise till we brought our final runner home. These wonderful people turn “stuff” into a trail running experience.

An amazing group of runners laced them up! Some first-time trail runners, some experienced veterans, and an awesome group of youth. Ages 10 to 72 came together to play, help one another, and enjoy some Fuzzies Tacos post-race. Let’s not forget our 1/2 mile kids fun run that had ages between 2 and 12! This is a community experience. This is a bit of the nectar of life.

A big thanks to our passion filled partners from the team at Tyler State Park, Fuzzies Tacos in Tyler, Hammer Nutrition, Movin’ Pictures, Nature Nate’s, Cowbells.com, Webscorer, and Road ID.

Goodies to check out:
WP Results - http://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=22555

Dandy Race Pics by HB of Movin’ Pictures: http://tinyurl.com/n9ovumn

Thank you all for being you!

Happy Running!

David Hanenburg and the Endurance Buzz Adventures Family

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Whispering Pines Race Document – Can you smell it?

Porta-loos, dill pickles, and much, much more useful information has been sent in the Whispering Pines Race Document.

Please check your email (or here) for this pine scented race-day resource.

Happy running and see you soon!


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26 Entries Left for Whispering Pines


Only 26 entries left for our May 17 singletrack scamper, Whispering Pines!

Why trail running? This dirty scamper showcases much of the greatness of this sport.

And NO swimming required. :)

Race details and registration: http://endurancebuzzadventures.com/events/whispering-pines/

Happy Running!



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Possum Kingdom Trail Run 2014 Results and Pics

A day of sweaty awesomeness with the PK tribe! An amazing team of volunteer all-stars, great partners, trail star runners from age 11 to 70, our biggest kids run to date, love, unconditional support, and even a few cuss words. 

A trail running experience. A handful of memories.

We hope you took it home with you!

Webscorer Results: http://tinyurl.com/pc8czqn

Snazzy Movin’ Pictures Photos: http://tinyurl.com/nnzouas

Happy Running!


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Live Race Updates and Results

New in 2014, we will have live race updates and results where possible.

We hope you enjoy it!

3 ways to view live race updates and results:

1. Use your iPhone or iPad (data connectivity required)

a. Download and install free Webscorer Race Timer App from itunes.





b. In Webscorer App select Download Races / Recent Results

c. Select desired race.

d. Select View preliminary results (*results will automatically update every 30 seconds)

2. View on Webscorer.com

a. Go to http://www.webscorer.com/endurancebuzzadventures

b. Select desired race results.

3. View on standalone iPad at the start/finish area.

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Possum Kingdom: Got Smile? Final Week of Registration is Here!

Got smile?


It is the final week to register for our smile-delivering scamper at Possum Kingdom on April 12. ALL registration will close down at the end of Monday April 7. (PK registration)

PK is also the yearly start of our dandy new EBA High-5 and 3 Peaks challenge.

Plus PK (and the rest of our races) are part of the new Texas Trail Championship series.

EBA headquarters is buzzin’ as we get ready to deliver you the best north Texas trail adventure we can.

Memories, Amazing people, and Fun trails await.

Happy Running!


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