Whispering Pines Great Day Tips! and Race Document

Hey Whispering Pines tribe!

It is race week! We hope you are ready and excited for a special adventure on the sweet singletrack at Tyler State Park in Tyler, Texas.

Please check out our Great Day Tips! which contains a few important topics to support…well…a great day together.

Also, you will see a link to the Whispering Pines Race Document below which contains all kinds of useful goodies to support your adventure.

See you all soon!

David Hanenburg

Whispering Pines Great Day Tips!

  • Moisture Madness – The weather we can’t control. Our attitude is 100% in our control. With all this rain in the last few weeks and if temps are up on Saturday, it could a a pour cleansing run. And it’s that way for everyone. Make sure to lube up all your friction spots and be aware of your effort-level (not you mile splits). You will run slower in these conditions and that’s OK. Then enjoy the beautiful green throughout the park.
  • Cup-Free Racing – To reduce the amount of garbage we create, one of the things we have done since we started back in 2011, all our events are paper-cup-free. So EVERYONE has to carry a bottle or hydration system (waist or back) of some kind to fill up where needed at our aid stations. Be sure to check out the Course Info and Maps page which shows the course route and distance to aid stations.
  • Course Guidance – Colored streamers on wooden clothes pins, arrows, ground flagging, caution tape (don’t cross), and wrong way signs (don’t run past) all help guide your route throughout the course. Everyone runs the same direction on the trail. The loop is the same for the 10M, 20M, and 50km runners, you will just run it once or multiple times. The 7km course will cut the loop short (at Old Road aid station) but still run to the finish in the same direction as all runners.
  • Breathe Deeply. Smile.

Whispering Pines Race Document

Please take a look through our race document. Lots of groovy information inside!

Click and Enjoy Here! – Whispering Pines 2015 Race Doc