Isle du Bois Trail Run – Course Info and Maps

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START/FINISH LOCATION: The start/finish will be at Group Pavilion #2, located at the north east corner of the beach parking lot. See Course Map for more details.



The course is periodically better-pay-attention technical. There are a few roots throughout the course but you will forget about most of them while hopping over, around, and on top of sections scattered rock. Some rocks are loose and some aren’t going anywhere. It will hurt if you fall on them. Run in control!

5 mile – One (1) x 5.11 mile clock-wise loop

18 km – One (1) x 11.27 mile clock-wise loop

36 km – (One (1) x 11.27 mile clock-wise loop) + (One (1) x 11.47 mile clock-wise loop)

55 km – (One (1) x 11.27 mile clock-wise loop) + (two (2) x 11.47 mile clock-wise loops.) 

At the start of all races, runners will journey on paved double-wide trail to allow runners to spread out some before entering the fun single track.

55 km / 36 km runners only – You will get on the dirt slightly sooner on Loop 2 and 3, hence the slight distance variation from Loop 1. See Course Map for details.

Main 18km loop profile. (Loop 2 (36k/55k) and Loop 3 (55k) profile is essentially the same, but you will hop on singletrack slightly sooner.)



**Course distance measured with a Rolatape Professional Series measuring wheel.

Course is subject to change and if so, maps/information will be updated and runners notified immediately.

AID STATIONS: Again, all aid stations will be rockin’ the cup-free status! Please bring your own water bottle or hydration system.

See Cup-Free Racing Support for a list of hydrous options to support this transition.

The 5 mile runners will have one (1) fully supported aid station.

The 18 km runners will have two (2) fully supported aid stations.

The 36 km runners will have five (5) fully supported aid stations.

The 55 km runners will have eight (8) fully supported aid stations.

The fully supported aid-stations will contain water, HEED electrolyte drink, and a buffet table of other sugary and salty goodies.

DROP BAGS: An area for 55 km and 36 km drop bags with be available at the Beach aid station (turnaround) area.

CUT-OFF TIMES: 9 hour time limit! The entire course will be officially closed at 4:30 PM.

Below are the intermediate cut-offs based on the slowest average pace to finish within the 9 hour limit based on the 55 km start time.

Intermediate warnings/cut-offs for all runners:

  • You must start your last loop by 1:30 PM.
  • You must reach North Pole aid station on your last loop by 2:55 PM.

If you cannot make these cut-off times, you will be kindly escorted from the race and listed as a DQFBIP (Didn’t Quite Finish But Inspired Plenty)…but you will always still be a member of this tribe!