Fossil Valley 3,6,9 Hour – What’s Included

***Our trail event pricing includes ALL the following***:

  1. Groovy premium Organic Cotton and Bamboo event shirt. May be the most comfy shirt you ever wear. Must register by June 28 to receive an event shirt or to save some coin with the no-shirt option.
  2. Onsite professional medical support.
  3. Online registration fees and any applicable taxes.
  4. Land ownership event fees that support the Cedar Ridge Preserve.
  5. Park entry for runner on race day. (where applicable)
  6. Post-race tummy happiness.
  7. A usable finisher’s gift.
  8. Rockin’ aid station with fluids and assortment of sugary/salty items.
  9. A passionately well-marked course.
  10. LIVE race day updates through Event Data Solutions.
  11. Loads of fun in a natural environment with some amazing people.