Cedar Brake Trail Run – Course Info and Maps

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START/FINISH LOCATION: The start/finish will be right behind the main white buildings near the parking lot. See Course Map for more details.


  • Twilight – 7:18AM
  • Sunrise – 7:44AM


The course is a 4.0 mile loop you will run 1, 2, or 3 times depending on your adventure.

Course Map (main 4.0 mile loop)

Course Profile (main 4.0 mile loop)

**Course distance measured with a Rolatape Professional Series measuring wheel.

Course is subject to change and if so, maps/information will be updated and runners notified immediately.

AID STATION: We have always rocked the paper cup-free status at our aid stations! Please bring your own water bottle or hydration system.

See Cup-Free Racing Support for a list of hydrous options to support this transition.

We will have two (2) fully supported aid station you may access once or multiple times depending on your race distance.

  • Candy Corn – located at mile 2.41 of each 4.0 mile loop.
  • Boo-ville  located at mile 4.0 (start/finish/start-another-loop).

Both aid stations will contain water, electrolyte drink, and other sugary/salty trail running goodies.

3-Person Relay Teams ONLY: One team member runs at a time. After completing the loop, runner high-5s the next runner and they can take off. Repeat for final runner. Easy-cheesy. 🙂

CUT-OFF TIMES: 4 hour! (Based on the 12 mile start time.) The entire course will be officially closed at 11:30AM.

All runners must start their last loop by 10:10AM.

If you cannot make the 10:10AM cut-off time, you will not be able to start your last loop and listed as a DQFBIP (Didn’t Quite Finish But Inspired Plenty)…but you will always still be a member of this tribe!