Cup-Free Racing Support

Positively impact the world – Save a paper cup today!

Lifespan of a race paper cup – 5 seconds.

As a huge supporter of cup-free racing to reduce amount of waste generation and environmental impact of the paper cup, we are confident that there are a wide range of hydration options to support this transition for every type of runner.

Let’s do this!

If you are looking for a handheld, waist, or back pack hydration system, you can check out the Endurance Buzz reviews on a number of sweet options.


Back Pack Systems:

Waist Pack System: Nathan Elite 2V Carrier

There are also two really cool and simple products that can support that that extra shot of water, electrolyte drink, and even warm soup before leaving the aid station! Be sure to check out my article on the Hydra Pouch and X-cup.

When registering for an EBA event, you can purchase a dandy HydraPouch for that shot of cola. Big fan!


As a race organizer, we also purchased a small army of reusable water coolers to support your cup-free hydration needs. We are stoked about this and feel it’s worth it! The biggest question is where will my wife allow me to keep them. 🙂

Here’s to cup-free racing!