EBA Closing the Door…for Now

After being a high performer and team leader in the technology world, I decided to leave it and explore this new world of trail running which I had fallen in love with.

How can I provide value for our community and make enough money to sustain us as a family?

First I created Endurance Buzz. Endurance Buzz was the first trail/ultra running website that focused exclusively on the people, places, and races in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Where were all the trail races in the area?

Nobody knew…so I hunted and dug everywhere to create and update the only trail running calendar of our region. Often the biggest challenge in our sport is simply being aware that a race exists. I was trying to provide a one stop shop to showcase all our races throughout the year.

Then I started adding result summaries with pics and interviews, gear experiences, plus plenty of trail running tips and other goodies. For a while we had a small group of great contributors that added additional awesomeness for you. Then I added a podcast that interviewed more awesome folks within the region. It was all lots of fun to showcase our tribe.

Also during this time, I was thinking how can I add more value for our community.

So I created our event company Endurance Buzz Adventures. There were a few great trail races in north Texas but there was definitely opportunity to provide more great trail races in the Canadian part of the state.

So I went on the hunt for some of the coolest trails in north Texas.

Tyler and Stephanie Greenhaw got involved and became a hugely important part of our race weekend team.

I wanted to have a vibe that really promoted the awesomeness of everyone, young to wise, hiker to speedster. We had a free 12-and-under kids run where the whole family could feel part of our tribe and celebrate the active life.

We were also likely the first trail race in Texas to be paper-cup free and really tried to create event approaches to reduce our garbage and waste production.

After our very first race, I created a volunteer program that really became a win-win circular loop of awesomeness. Have fun for the day supporting our tribe and receive legit discounts to future EBA races.

We tried to put together a trail running experience with underlying values that we felt were important and have a lot of fun in the process.

But the question remains, could we as a family sustain ourselves with this additional business.

The answer for our family right now is – no. The recent engine death of one of our vehicles further confirmed this. We don’t have financial wiggle room to handle the stuff that’s going to happen in life.

We could scale up to more races. But that’s just not feasible nor a path we want to go in our family situation. The demand and sacrifice would be too great right now. This was after much internal reflection and family discussion.

We had to make a tough decision to end the races in order to create the space to move my family forward and not tread water (or drown 🙂 ). The car implosion/repair was a sucky surprise but we will work through it.

There are many folks in a tougher spot than us. This was a chapter in our life that we chose to take. We will find a way to start the next one.

So, we are going to have to shut down EBA for now.

I will need to find a new way to provide value and serve others to cover our family’s living expenses. Once I have these needs addressed, Wendy and I will then reconsider relaunching some of our trail races.

So, ALL our 2017 races are currently canceled until I would share otherwise. All those that have already registered will be FULLY REFUNDED.

Our tribe is a special one and one that was an honor to serve. Keep spreading your love and kindness to the world.

I wish you all the best.


David and Wendy Hanenburg

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