EBA Closing the Door…for Now

It’s been a great five years supporting your trail running adventures on some of the sweetest trails in north Texas.

Our community = Awesome!

Being a passionate family run business, we put our heart and soul in creating a trail running experience that was focused on community and fun.

We developed a vibe that really promoted the awesomeness of everyone, young to wise, hiker to speedster. We had a free 12-and-under kids run where the whole family could feel part of our tribe and celebrate the active life.

We were also likely the first trail race in Texas to be paper-cup free and really tried to create event approaches to reduce our garbage and waste production.

After our very first race, I created a volunteer program that really became a win-win circular loop of awesomeness. Have fun for the day supporting our tribe and receive legit discounts to future EBA races.

We tried to put together a trail running experience with underlying values that we felt were important and have a lot of fun in the process.

As my own kids have become older, both now in school (can you believe it?), and participating in there own activities, it’s become more of a family challenge to make it all happen…and investigate growing our race calendar.

So we felt now was the time to pivot and start a new life chapter. As our kids continue to explore their interests, our family will only get busier, and putting on a yearly calendar of events would be too much for our family. 

This was a meaningful and valuable chapter in our life and one we will not forget.

So, we are going to shut down EBA for now.

ALL our 2017 races are currently canceled until I would share otherwise. All those that have already registered will be FULLY REFUNDED.

Our tribe is a special one and one that was an honor to serve. Keep spreading your love and kindness to the world.

I wish you all the best.


David and Wendy Hanenburg

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