Whispering Pines Trail Run 2016 – Results and Pics

Whispering Pines Results and Pics – This Way!


Tears of joy. Tears of discomfort. Tears of going farther than you thought you could…or a little bit less. Tears of seeing a loved one or good friend. A smile. Breathing and witnessing the piney goodness all around you. A laugh. A woot! for a fellow runner. A deep exhale. Falling down and getting back up again. Receiving support from the tribe just when you needed it.

We hope your experience at Tyler State Park provided many opportunities to “feel”.

A special thanks to our volunteer all-stars and partners that make this all possible for you. They turn our “house” into a welcoming and supportive “home”
Happy running and all the best with this adventure we call life.

Results: http://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=69481
Pics: http://bit.ly/23W2Gge

Our next EBA Adventure: Fossil Valley 3,6,9 (and relay) hour summer night scamper on July 23/24. Run as little or as much as you want within your time window. A great opportunity to experience the fun of nighttime trail running with a great group of folks.

Details: http://endurancebuzzadventures.com/events/fossil-valley/



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