2015 Whispering Pines Trail Run: Thank You, Results, and Pics


Cowbells were ringing.

Clapping and Woot!’n as another one of the WP tribe popped out of the woods. Looking for bib numbers to call out to our timing team.
Having to say each bib number just a bit louder than usual as the hum and energy of the tribe cheering on those they knew and those they didn’t, was overpowering
my voice…and I was lovin’ it.

Bottle being filled, calories being consumed, a pat on the back, a warm smile, more Trail Toes and Body Glide applied.

Great energy was radiating out of the Whispering Pines start/finish area and throughout Tyler State Park as we shared this adventure together.

A special thanks to all our amazing volunteers rockin’ it before sunrise and all the way to bring in our final Tough as Nails runner at 5:20pm!

A special thanks to all our partners – Tyler State Park, Hammer Nutrition, Nature Nate’s, Cowbells.com, Movin’ Pictures, and Road ID.

A special thanks to YOU for sharing your awesomeness and spending the day together playing in the woods and eating M&Ms.

We hope you took home a few memories!

Race Goodies:

Results – http://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=42703

Goovy Pics by Movin’ Pics – http://bit.ly/1L781ZI

We appreciate you and are grateful for your involvement with the EBA tribe.
Happy Running!


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