What Do the Winter Olympic Games and Endurance Buzz Adventures Trail Races Have in Common?

Have you watched any of the Winter Olympic Games currently going on?

Have you watched any of the Winter Olympic Games dating back  to the 1994 Lillehammer games?

Or how about the Tour de France?


If so, you have likely heard MOEN bells in the background providing a unique and supportive sound for all the athletes! One of the Winter Olympic sports that I most remember hearing the MOEN bells through the years are in Skiing, Bobsledding, and Luge events. Think back or turn on the Sochi Olympic coverage, you will likely hear the sound as well.

The first MOEN bells were produced on the West Coast of Norway by Tobias Moen in 1922 and used to help farmers find animals lost in the mountain pastures. The bells are cut from iron sheets and coated with local recycled brass creating a distinct and timeless look and sound. From helping farmers to helping athletes!

We are excited to partner with Cowbells.com to bring the MOEN bells of Norway to north Texas, as cool, unique, and usable awards for our 2014 trail run events! (Cowbells.com is the official provider of Olympic bells of the U.S. Olympic team!) We also really dig their green business practices and passionately fun spirit. A dream partnership for us that aligns with how we also try to act with our business.

Our first trail race of 2014 featuring the MOEN bells will be at scenic Possum Kingdom on April 12, 2014! 48 MOEN bells will be up for grabs!!

You can check out the remainder of our 2014 trail race calendar here.

Excited to bring More Cowbell to the trails of north Texas!

Happy Running!


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