Welcome Trail Running Tribe

The dirt lovin’ family at Endurance Buzz Adventures has the following mission:

  • Dirty Fun! – Provide high-quality, challengingly fun, and memorable running adventures on the sweetest trails in the north Texas area. Btw, some of our race distances are somewhat odd but we kind of like it that way.
  • One Planet – Execute events with an environmentally aware mindset.
  • Kids Rock! – Free 12-and-under fun run.

“Little changes can have big effects” – Malcolm Gladwell

- David Hanenburg and the Endurance Buzz Adventures Family


David also owns Endurance Buzz – The source for trail/ultra running goodness on the amazing people and races in the TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) region.

What the Tribe is Saying…

Great job! Course was well marked, great weather, friends, and most of all - running dirt happy.

Cedar Ridge 

You have an unbelievable experience in EBA. PK was my first race with your organization, and it was such an awesome time. The volunteers were awesome. The markings were a lesson for ANY race director to learn from. The food was delicious. Everything was done with care.

Possum Kingdom 

Thanks for a very tough, but fun-filled day. The volunteers were great, the food was great, and the Rusty Crown is forever etched in my aching body.

Rough Creek 

The Tribe in Action

(Photos Credit: movin-pictures.com)