Welcome Trail Running Tribe

The dirt lovin’ family at Endurance Buzz Adventures has the following mission:

  • Dirty Fun! – Provide high-quality, challengingly fun, and memorable running adventures on the sweetest trails in the north Texas area. Btw, some of our race distances are somewhat odd but we kind of like it that way.
  • One Planet – Execute events with an environmentally aware mindset.
  • Kids Rock! – Free 12-and-under fun run.

“Little changes can have big effects” – Malcolm Gladwell

– David Hanenburg and the Endurance Buzz Adventures Family


David also owns Endurance Buzz – The source for trail/ultra running goodness on the amazing people and races in the TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) region.

What the Tribe is Saying…

Loved the race and all the good energy. The respect for nature, runners and volunteers was beautiful. First trail race - now I'm hooked!!

Possum Kingdom

Thanks to EBA and all the great volunteers for an awesome adventure! Can't wait until next year!!!!

Fossil Valley

Thank you for giving me the best "first ultra" experience I could have ever wanted! I had a great time kicking up some sand, dancing with the rocks and enjoying the beautiful views from the top of the " Texas mountains"! Being handed the medaled honey bear by your sweet little girl was the sweetest thing! The bell was the icing on the cake (I'm still in shock that even happened)! The volunteers knew what I wanted even before my dazed brain registered the menu of the aid stations; their words of encouragement and gentle nudge to keep going meant the world! So, THANK YOU for a great experience!!!

Possum Kingdom

The Tribe in Action

(Photos Credit: movin-pictures.com)


We offer two main categories of trail races.

HIGH-5 Event

These are our high quality and fun trail races with the extra bling.

Each race page states what’s included with your registration fee.

This has been our standard race structure and includes the following races: Possum Kingdom, Whispering Pines, Fossil Valley, Isle du Bois, and Arcadia Bay.  These races are also part of the optional EBA High-5 Challenge and Texas Trail Running Championship Series.

RUN ‘N’ ROLL Event

New in 2016! These are our high quality and fun trail races without the extra bling – AND the savings is passed on to YOU.

Each race page states what’s included with your registration fee.

This race style includes Cedar Brake.


  • ** I am sorry to announce that all EBA races have been cancelled for 2017. We are choosing to pause our race calendar for now. Full refunds have been issued for any registered runners. If you like more of a story, you can read that here. **


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